The Glamor of COMOREBI

COMOREBI, Kyushu's first complete glamping resort, has so much to offer its guests.


A 360-degree panorama to enjoy year-round

With the Kuju Mountains to the west, and Mt. Yufu to the north, the panoramic scenery is stunning.


由布岳 -Yuhudake-

Mt. Yufu is located northwest of COMOREBI, and is the symbol of Yufuin also known as "The Fuji of the Bungo Region". It is a popular mountain for climbing year-round, and from the summit you can look over Beppu Bay, the Kokonoe Mountains, and the town of Yufuin.


鶴見岳 -tsurumidake-

To the right of Mt. Yufu is Mt. Tsurumi. It is an active volcano that began erupting around the same time as Mt. Yufu about 90,000 years ago. A popular tourist spot in Yufu, there is a ropeway to the summit, where you can see as far as Shikoku on clear days.


くじゅう連山 -Kujyurenzan-

The Kuju Mountains run along to the southwest of COMOREBI, and they cover a chain of volcanoes that spread through Oita Prefecture from Kokonoe Town in the Kusu District to the northern part of Kuju Town in Taketa City. The mountains offer an ever-changing scenery of forested, grass-covered, and rocky mountains, beautiful views, and many are equipped with hiking trails.


草花 -Kusabana-

When you explore around the majestic mountains surrounding COMOREBI, you will find countless flowers in their natural state, peeking up from among the grasses. With the chirping of birds off in the distance, it is a comforting space where you can enjoy nature at your leisure.


由布川渓谷 -Yuhugawakeikoku-

KThe Yufu River Valley is located close by to COMOREBI. Its 60-meter cliffs were formed through the erosion of aqueous rock by water flowing from the Yufu-Tsurumi Mountains. The mystical beauty of the valley has led to it being called the "Tyrol of the East", and the countless tiny streams of water that flow and fall down the cliffs are a wondrous sight to behold.


狭霧台 -Sagiridai-

Sagiridai is about a 20-minute drive from COMOREBI. Here you can take in views of the Yufu Valley enveloped in morning mists, and in September through November the fall night sky is a sight to behold.

A One-of-a-kind Natural Environment

Fresh, crisp air, the song of birds, sunsets among mountains, and a star-filled night sky.
Enjoy this grand nature that seems almost as if it were put here for you.


There are many other tourist attractions surrounding COMOREBI.
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