The Glamor of COMOREBI

COMOREBI, Kyushu's first complete glamping resort, has so much to offer its guests.


Fun Activities and Seasonal Events

COMOREBI offers the hospitality of a hotel along with the experience of camping in the outdoors. Quiet nights free from the glow of city lights. Enjoy the expressive nature of the four seasons. Stimulate your body and mind with a full range of activities!



Starting at 6 p.m., you can enjoy a bonfire at the main rock benches for about 3 hours. Guests may also build their own campfires at each tent. Guests are requested to give sufficient care to handling fire as they light up the Yufu night and enjoy a special evening.


Movie Screenings

An outdoor cinema is held for all guests to enjoy. A movie is screened once every night.
Watching a movie outdoors among the mountains has a special feeling that makes it a completely different experience from going to a movie theater.