The largest of its kind in Kyushu.
Enjoy the complete glamping experience at COMOREBI


Unforgettable Luxury

Glamping, or "glamorous camping", is a new style of leisure that puts you in the middle of nature as only camping can offer, but also provides the splendor and comfort of a luxury hotel. The thrill of conventional camping is often dampened by uncomfortable tents, limited food options, and inconvenient toilet facilities. Glamping offers a full range of facilities and meals for a luxurious camping experience that can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine.


Glamorous Facilities for Comfortable Camping

Enjoy the best parts of camping out in nature while relaxing in luxurious, hotel-like comfort.


Serving Gourmet, Locally-sourced Oita Specialties

COMOREBI provides its guests with all ingredients and cooking utensils. Featuring outdoor cooking such as whole Oita chickens baked in a Dutch oven with succulent vegetables.


Rest and Relax with a Hot Bath!

COMOREBI offers its guests complete bathing facilities. After a long day out in nature, refresh your tired body with a hot bath.

A Stay in the Magical Setting of Yufu in Oita

Kyushu's largest glamping resort COMOREBI is located in Yufu City in Oita, famous for its beautiful year-round scenery. The appeal of COMOREBI lies in the wide-open vistas, starry night skies, and clean natural environments of Yufu that transport guests away from the noisy life of the city.

Fun for Everyone

COMOREBI is a place anyone can enjoy, from families and couples to groups of friends.
We strive to provide glamping experiences that all our guests will treasure.


We warmly welcome you

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A glamping resort for enjoying the great nature of Yufu in Oita

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